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Jeff Christian is considered one of the top 5 search consultants in the world for major CEO and board assignments. He has placed leaders in thousands of companies, ranging from IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple to e-commerce companies such as Lycos and Netscape. Focusing on CEO, Board member and senior-level executive search and selection, his clients span high-profile, early-stage companies to the Fortune 500. Jeff Christian was there at the beginning of the Silicon Valley phenomenon and soon became confidante, mentor and strategic consultant to industry names like Steve Jobs, Lou Platt and John Chambers.

As founder of Revenue Beast Jeff Christian uses talent recruitment as a revenue accelerator and develops revenue through referral marketing programs, social networks and third party endorsements.

At the outset of his stellar career in talent acquisition, Jeff founded the executive search firm Christian and Timbers, in 1980 and was the Chief Executive Officer for more than 25 years. He was also the founder and managing partner of the venture and business building company Technology Ventures, Inc., and of the venture capital fund, C&T Access Ventures. He has impacted thousands of companies in his career, ranging from high profile Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Microsoft, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and Apple Computer, to venture capital clients such as Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield Fund and St. Paul Venture Capital.

As CEO of Christian, Madsen & Scripps, Jeff Christian brings his wealth of experience to a new breed of search firm. Hiring only Top10 talent for the world’s best technology companies, Jeff  has developed a unique and innovative approach to search that is once again transforming the industry. Through the use of proprietary research methodology and the transparent, targeted and effective hiring model, Jeff Christian has established himself as the leader in technology search.

Jeff Christian and ‘The Headhunter’s Edge’

Cover of Jeff Christian's book, The Headhunter's Edge

Cover of Jeff Christian’s book, The Headhunter’s Edge

Jeff Christian is also the author of ‘The Headhunter’s Edge’, published by Random House. In this book Jeff reveals his most valuable techniques for getting the best jobs and finding the right people. Jeff advises that the most important asset to an organization is to hire the best people and keep them. Having worked on hundreds of executive search assignments and built his own head hunting firm into a nationally recognized company, one of the top ten in the nation, Jeff has developed invaluable techniques for getting the best jobs and finding the right people. ‘The Headhunter’s Edge’ reveals Jeff Christian’s secrets for excelling on either side of the desk – as a leader trying to build a great company, or as a job seeker in search of the next big position. In this practical manifesto, Jeff Christian gives readers the benefits of over twenty years of experience interviewing thousands of CEOs and potential CEOs and tells you:

  • How to conduct an interview and spot great leadership qualities in job candidates
  • Exactly what to do and say to keep a valuable employee from resigning
  • How to expand your network to find the best emerging talent
  • Key strategies and instructions for choosing and getting the most out of a search firm
  • What it takes for ambitious and talented people to get noticed and get the next big job or promotion

Practical, impassioned and wise, ‘The Headhunter’s Edge’ is the indispensable guide to advancing your career – and making your business more successful and profitable through identifying and securing top talent.

Named by the Forbes Midas List of the top 50 most influential deal makers for 4 years., Jeff Christian is frequently quoted on trends and changes in the senior talent marketplace, with his wisdom regularly appearing in leading national business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, The New York Times and Fortune Magazine.